An Afternoon at Brighton Pier

My brother’s girlfriend and her twin are amongst the many of my close family and friends to have their birthdays in March. To celebrate, we all took the day off and drove down to Brighton for the afternoon. 



 First stop was Brighton Pier’s gigantic arcade to loose some money. Raffy was so overstimulated with all of the flashing lights and noises of the machines that he couldn’t contain the excitement. 


Raffy had never been to an arcade before so wanted to make sure he saw everything. And I mean everything. Luckily his generous uncle funded most of the festivities so we’re not too out of pocket!




After these, we found a little game where you roll 10p coins in and they land on a spinning disk with different amounts of tokens that you can win. Amazingly, Raffy hit the jackpot and won 1,000 tickets meaning that we got to come home with half the junk from the kiosk. 


After the arcade, we had a wander through the lanes, some fish and chips and some incredible Malteser ice cream at Cloud 9 ice cream parlour.

Brighton is such a lovely place to visit, especially in good weather. We’ll definitely be heading back to shop and explore in the not so distant future.  


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