Single on Valentine’s Day

In complete contrast to all of my earlier personal posts, this will not be a sad one. Yes, I’m single. This is my first ever single Valentine’s Day. And it feels really weird.

Every time I leave the house, open a magazine or check my emails, I am being reminded to panic buy something heart shaped. The Internet seems to know everything about me and tailors advertising to prove it. Click on a nice pair of shoes and they’ll show on every page for a week. So how on earth hasn’t it cottoned on that I’m single? Those pink, flowery emails just keep flooding in.

I delete them, obviously. But not because I don’t want to see it, or because I feel left out. I do it with a sense of relief.

Incredibly, despite the fact that I’m currently unattached, I actually feel more loved than ever before. I finally feel that my world is complete and my heart bursts every day with love and gratitude.

Something incredible happened when I stopped and took stock of everything that I have and stopped trying to fix what was broken. I was able to fully appreciate and enjoy the relationships that I have in my life.

I no longer feel sad about what I don’t have, and jealous that everyone else’s lives seem to go to plan. I’m actually quite happy with my own little world as it is.

So this Valentine’s Day we will be celebrating love, as we do every other day. And my date has never looked so good.



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