Dinosaur Adventure Golf // Raynes Park

Coming from a massive golf family (my brother’s a pro and my mum should be by now…..) it was only a matter of time before Raffy picked up the golfing bug. He regularly grabs spare golf clubs knocking around the house and plays in the kitchen, mostly tapping golf balls under the oven and cheering, as if he’s scored a goal.

We were up in Raynes Park running errands and some time to kill so I thought a game of mini golf would be fun. I have never seen Raffy so fully committed to an activity- huge dinosaurs, an actual golf club (toddler sized) and brightly coloured balls, what’s not to love?!


I took the first shot to show him what to do, then helped him line up his. Quite unbelievably, he got a hole in one. I didn’t. He spent much of the next hour taunting me, singing “I win!” even though he didn’t sink another shot at all. However he was slightly less smug in the three holes that go through a dark and noisy cave.

I was surprised at how competent he was, both physically and in understanding, considering that he’s not three yet. It wasn’t until we finished our game and had to hand back the clubs that he threw an almighty toddler wobbly which took all kinds of bribes to diffuse. So I’ve promised him that we can play golf again- next time at Pirate Golf in Woking. And I’m sure that it won’t be long before he’s part of the O’Sullivan Golf Team and playing every weekend.





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