Kids: First Cinema Trip

It was freezing cold, the play cafe Raffy really wanted to go to was booked out for a private party, and I really couldn’t be bothered with a massive outing anywhere.

I suddenly thought that maybe Raffy’s old enough to be able to sit through (at least a good chunk of) a movie. So we swung by to pick up a friend and off we went to the Odeon in Guildford to see Paddington.


Not usually a day sleeper- the car trip sent him off and he was out cold by the time we had parked. So I carried him in, collecting a kids snack box of popcorn, smarties and water on the way in.

I was sure that he’d sense his close proximity to such treats and wake up, but he did not. Unfortunately, he slept all the way through the movie to the last ten minutes, missing so many funny scenes that I thought he’d love.

Just as Raffy was getting into it and tucking into his popcorn, the movie ended. So now I know that he really likes the idea of the cinema, I might take him to see it again. Although it’s an expensive trip out if he’s going to sleep through the entire movie!



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