Kids: Raving at Winterville

We were very lucky to be able to get ourselves into Big Fish Little Fish’s final event of the year at Winterville. We all know that I love a good kids event and theirs are top of my list at the moment. This time, we thought we’d take Raff’s daddy and show him what it’s all about.

We got there early so that we could have a go on some rides. We were about £20 down in the first half an hour, so headed to the bar for some mulled wine and hot chocolate to warm up.


The rave was held in the Spiegeltent- a large circular circus style tent also used for adult night club events. It was buzzing.
They did all the usual crowd pleasers; bubbles, confetti bombs and balloons but also gave their new snow machine a whirl, which was good fun.


My favourite part of the event was the parachute. They throw a huge white parachute over the crowd, which everyone dances under. The kids love it, the parents love it. It’s so much fun.

Annoyingly, Raffy peaked too soon again and we had to abort the rave (this is becoming a habit….!) so there may have been some other surprises that we missed.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of these clever ladies at BFLF lots next year. If you like the sound of their events, find out more here.


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