Kids: Ice Skating at Hampton Court Palace

Part of Raffy’s Christmas present to his Daddy was to take him ice skating at Hampton Court Palace. He used to ice skate a lot as a kid and always said he’d teach Raff- this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

We got there early to allow for parking (and penguin rental) and popped for a coffee in the restaurant overlooking the ice rink.

We weren’t too sure how well Raffy would take to it, but he was up for giving it a go so we were optimistic. Unfortunately, within 5 seconds of getting on the ice, Raffy started swinging his legs like a mad man and begging to put his shoes back on.

The following couple of minutes were hilarious as Neal struggled to keep hold of him and he was getting more and more cross. As any doting mother would, I watched in fits of giggles.
Once they had finally got back to the gate Neal took the opportunity to go and show off his long forgotten skating skills (only resulting in a couple of minor falls….)- more fun for me!
Thankfully, both Raffy and Neal are up for giving it another go next year- I’m more than happy to watch again.

The ice rink will be at Hampton Court Palace until 04.01.15 and tickets are bookable here.


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