Kids: Reunited and it Feels so….Squishy

One of the very exciting things about Christmas holidays is that your expat buddies from Dubai migrate to colder climes for the festivities. You heard it- Raffy and Stanley (and Baby Wilf) were reunited after months of separation.
As they only landed a couple of days before, we made the trip over to the beautiful rolling hills of Kent to pay them a visit. We were quickly reminded of just quite how high the pitch of an excited toddler can go, so we bundled them all up and drove down to the park.

Their local park is a bit breathtaking. I was expecting the usual tarmac and swings type affair and was dressed accordingly. I didn’t realise we’d be trekking through slush to get there… The boys had a quick run and were unsurprisingly easily tempted to the cafe for ice cream.

We sat in a beautifully sunny spot on the deck of the cafe overlooking the lake. There were lots of other people enjoying the scenery until our boys had a very lively conversation about being annoying, of all things. Apparently they are quite good at it and we suddenly found ourselves alone on the deck!

Once they were sufficiently caked in ice cream, and Wilfred had eaten his snacks, we walked back to the car to head home.

These lovely boys were such a big part of our lives in Dubai and we miss them dearly. It’s fortunate that their UK base is not too far from ours but it’s a shame we don’t get to see them as much as we used to. Here’s a little throwback to simpler times…





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