Kids: Christmas at the Golf Club

Ever since Raffy was born my mum- an avid golfer- has been desperate to show him off at her golf club. Amazingly, it’s never really happened until now, so when we got tickets for the family Christmas event at her club she was thrilled.

As someone who has avoided golf clubs as much as possible, I didn’t really know what to expect. We all got dressed in our fancy clothes (as Raffy calls them) and headed over to the club. The event started with a formal Christmas lunch, followed by Christmas pudding (thankfully I wore a loose shirt…).

After lunch, an eccentrically dressed entertainer arrived to blow up balloon models. I was a little concerned that Raffy would be trampled in the stampede of children asking for balloons. But when I went to check on him, he had fought his way to the middle of the crowd and was screaming “make another one” while the entertainer frantically pumped up more balloons. All of the other kids were waiting very patiently.

Suddenly everyone ran to the windows as Father Christmas had appeared, driving a golf buggy up the 18th fairway accompanied by an elf.


We followed Santa to the Christmas tree where he proceeded to hand out a present to each child.

Ad 374/67589103/files/2014/12/img_8210.jpg

There was a minor scare that they’d left Raffy out (his was hidden under Santa’s sack) but Raffy was soon ripping off the paper to find an awesome pirate chest full of tattoos and colouring pages.
I was amazed that all of the children had a different present, and all of them looked really well thought out. It turns out that one of the organisers had taken a huge list of the children’s names and ages and had chosen the presents individually.
Finally we went into the next room and the entertainer turned it up a notch. He was a lovely mix of hilarious and reckless and the kids were transfixed.



Aside from my mum messing up one of his card tricks, his show was brilliant. Unfortunately, half way through Raffy had a bit of a meltdown and we had to leave before he completely disgraced himself so we missed the flame juggling. But we had a great time and were very impressed with the level of effort and attention to detail that the committee had put into this event. We’ll definitely be signing up again next year!


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