Kids: Dancing in the Dome

After the massive success of Eddie the Elf at The Medicine Garden a couple of weeks ago, when more events were advertised I was all over it.

This time it was a Tiny Tunes Music Class at 9.30am in the dome again. We were running a little late in the morning, but just managed to make it in time to grab a coffee from the Garden Pod to take in.

The class was taken by a lovely Irish lady who was really engaging and vibrant and quickly got all of the kids involved in singing songs. She did a few well known nursery rhymes, mixed in with some Christmas songs and a bit of One Direction to get them all moving.

She shared out some boxes of musical instruments and pom-poms and it was absolute carnage. The kids loved it and we’re running around singing and dancing together, it was really cute.
Raffy’s just going through this amazing stage of being completely uninhibited and hilariously involved in all of these activities that we are doing. He absolutely loves meeting new people and trying new things and I bloody love watching him. Long may it last!


After the class, we popped into The Larder and bought some beautiful foodie Christmas gifts, and some extra for ourselves…..
Such a lovely way to start a cold a crisp December morning, which was finished off by delivering all of our Christmas cards and drinking endless cups of tea.

Tiny Tunes run regular classes all over London, Essex, Middlesex and Surrey and also are available for private party bookings. For more information click here.


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