5 Reasons to Take Your Kids to a Rave

If you’re bored of long weekends trying to keep your kids busy and entertained, drinking crap coffee in soft play areas and dragging your kids around the supermarket- this ones for you.

A couple of weeks ago the lovely ladies of BFLF Events got in touch to invite us to their kids rave in Brixton.

I’ll set the scene; blacked out windows, decent DJs, open bar- just like your average bar or night club on a Saturday night. Only it’s 2pm, and it’s rammed to the hilt with toddlers.
And it’s really well thought out- half of the venue is a craft room- play dough tables, make your own superhero crown, tents and tunnels, giant colouring wall and a chill out area- the other half is a dance floor.

But what makes this such a popular event? Here are 5 reasons why you should be raving with your kids.

You don’t have to stop being young
Most of us have very happy memories in places such as this, albeit at 2am, but even so- just stepping inside gave me that buzz of excitement that I don’t experience as much as I would like to these days. There’s also zero percent chance of staying out too late and regretting it in the morning, which is kind of nice.

You can meet like minded parents
One of the toughest things I’ve found about being a parent is finding other parents like me. Don’t get me wrong; everyone I met here was completely normal- they were just up for having a good time with their kids.

It really tires them out
It’s pretty stimulating. Raffy was knocked out cold the second he sat in his car seat, slept the whole way home and still went to bed on time. He loved it and talked about ‘the dark party’ for days.

It’s a great together activity
Instead of sitting in a soft play area cafe while the kids go off and play- I danced and played with Raffy for the whole two hours. It wasn’t at all hard work, it was hilarious. I loved watching him dance and helping him catch bubbles or collect confetti from the floor. All of the parents there were interacting and playing with their kids- all doing something that they love, as a family.

It’s so sociable
Not only is it a great place to meet other parents, it’s a great place for kids to meet other kids. It’s far better than a birthday party because nobody knows anybody else and kids have to interact with new people. It’s gorgeous watching kids dance and copy each other in such a free and fun space and definitely something I want to do with him regularly.


If you fancy the sound of it, check out Big Fish Little Fish events here. They hold events fortnightly but their Christmas party is in Balham tomorrow where they’ll be unveiling their new snow machine!
You can also keep up to date by following them on Twitter or Instagram @BFLFevents


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