Food: Gingerbread House

Every year, without fail, I make a gingerbread house. This is a tradition I started with the kids I used to look after before I had Raffy and has continued ever since. It’s one of those activities that I just love; it’s fun, everyone can get involved, and obviously it’s made of sugar.

Last year, Raffy was a bit young to really get it and he was going through a not-touching-sticky-things stage, which is thankfully over. This year- he was fully involved.

It’s all starts with a trip to the supermarket to buy a shed-load of sweets. You need something in every shape and colour. We went to Asda because they do little pick and mix bags which are cheap and offer good variety.

I always use the same recipe and template from Delicious Magazine (which can be found here). It’s important that you take a quick look at the picture and then quickly forget it. There’s no way it’s going to look like that if you have a two year old on a sugar high anywhere near it.
This is an easy recipe- but it’s important to pay attention to the detail- the thickness of the dough and to leave it over night to crisp up. If not, it will lack the structural integrity needed to withstand vast layers of sweets and icing.

Anyway- here’s our finished product- not quite as neat as I would like it but the result of a very happy and rather amusing afternoon.



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