Living: Christmas Tree Part Two

Raffy and I had a lovely slow morning before we got the decorations out at around 11am. Within seconds, he had dived into the boxes pulling everything out and covering himself in glitter! He struggled a bit putting the decorations on the tree so appointed himself as Official Bauble Passer and Decorations Director. He was surprisingly efficient.

As we’re staying with my parents this year, all my perfectly coordinated decorations are neatly stored away and instead the tree will be awash with 50 years worth of collected baubles and handmade bits. As we pull them from the box, I remember all of the little characters with a strange mix of emotions. All of the ones that I would usually try to hide at the back of the tree are suddenly pride of place so that Raffy can see them. I’m obviously getting sentimental with the festivities.
When I was younger, we always used to have chocolate on the tree. And we always used to nick it when we weren’t allowed. I filled the tree with little chocolates on gold string, just as I remember. Raffy is a little quicker at pinching them than we were, and he’s pretty much emptied the tree already (despite me putting them out of his reach…).

Once we were done with the tree, we wrapped up warm and headed down to Ripley’s Christmas Market. It was so lovely down there with carol singers, a maze of little stalls run by local businesses; bakers, farmers and makers. There was a mini fairground and a gorgeous Santa in the local gift shop.

Before we went to the car we stood for a while to watch the singers. Turns out Raffy loves a bit of live entertainment (must book a pantomime…).

Topped off with a parade of Santas and elves on motorbikes and we were good to go! It was such a great turn out for such a tiny little village.
When we got home, all Raffy wanted to do was sit and look at the Christmas tree, so I managed to get some really cute pictures (most showing a lot of bottom so will have to stay in my private collection!).



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