Living: Christmas Tree Part One

It’s not really Christmas until you get the tree. So this weekend we set out the inevitably exhausting task of finding the perfect one. Raffy and I went with my mum, a particularly fussy tree shopper who is well known to spend hours twirling and inspecting the trees from every angle- I knew what I was getting myself in for.
We went to our local Christmas tree farm, over by St Peters Hospital in Chertsey (open Dec 1st-24th). On the way, I was trying to get Raffy excited about it in anticipation of a long time being spent between isles of trees. Imagine my surprise when my mum walked in, picked up a tree and exclaimed that it was the perfect one and didn’t want to see another. We knew it was meant to be when we got in the car and Bublé was on the radio!
Wilma was just as excited about the tree as we were and begun to unwrap it as soon as we got it into the house.

Instead of decorating the tree straight away, we took a trip down to Garsons Farm in Esher to find a tree topper. I was going to let Raffy choose but he was leaning towards a pretty offensive star (because it looks like the sheriff’s star from cars, obviously). We switched it for a little Nordic angel, and he chose a couple of other things.

While we were there, we nipped outside to see the real reindeer. They were so beautiful and we were lucky enough to get a quick cuddle while they came over to investigate.

We topped all of this festive fun off with a massive family roast dinner and Frozen. There’s nothing better than being snuggled up with all of your favourite people when it’s cold outside!


5 thoughts on “Living: Christmas Tree Part One

  1. Aw I love these pics, especially the one of your dog sniffing the tree! And the reindeer one is lovely too. Such a special moment, picking the tree. We sadly went for the artificial option last year. I do miss a real one 😦

    • Thank you- the dog managed to eat a good chunk of the tree whilst unwrapping it, so we’ve had to put that bit at the back!! Its such a nice tradition- we didnt get to choose last year as we were in Dubai so really appreciated it this time xx

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