Kids: Eddie the Elf

My love for the Medicine Garden has been well documented. Throw in a bit of Christmas sparkle and you can’t keep me away! So you can imagine my excitement when they advertised free Christmas shows for children the weekend of the Christmas market.

I booked in for Eddie the Elf, for 2-5 year olds (there was another option for older kids), but I didn’t really know what to expect. Raffy’s not known for his ability to sit and watch and wasn’t in the best mood due to in unfortunate tumble off the slide in the play area.

All changed, however on entering the dome and being greeted by Eddie, a 6ft something Christmas elf. They became so well acquainted that Raffy co-performed the whole show with him, from centre stage.
Eddie started off by teaching the kids to say hello in six different languages, resulting in a pretty hilarious song complete with hand actions.
The show took an unexpected twist when we learnt that Eddie was actually frightened of the word ‘Christmas’. It was decided that the best remedy would be to immerse himself in a christmas games; musical statues, a colourful blanket game and the elf favourite- egg cricket. Unfortunately, Eddie tripped, smashing his last egg on the floor so he sprayed the kids in silly string instead.

The whole show lasted about 30 minutes and was brilliant; super festive, great fun and interactive, and a great excuse to get out to the Christmas Market to grab a couple of pressies.
The market was also beautiful, lots of fairy lights, mulled wine and wheelbarrow-shops lining the decking. The stalls were a lovely selection of cakes, toys, and handmade items which would make great unusual gifts.

The Christmas market has finished now, but the Medicine Garden is still selling Christmas trees, gifts from the usual lovely shops there and tickets to their beautiful Santa’s Grotto between the 19-22nd of December.

Click here for more info.


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