Kids: A Christmas Mess

It’s the end of the week and I’ve long been dreaming of the weekend! Our weekends have been a bit manic recently, so due to exhaustion and a shed load of rain; we abandoned our plans on Sunday and stayed in. Accompanied by a couple of our buddies- Emily and Annabelle, we decided to make Christmas cards and other arty bits with the kids.

While we were waiting for them to arrive, I got a few bits out; glitter, PVA glue, coloured tissue that I cut into triangles, stars and circles and some Christmas stickers. They brought along some paints and blank cards for decorating.

We sat them at the table and let them freestyle a bit. Annabelle made a beautiful clown card, Raffy made a bit of a mess. But he did have a good play with the materials and we found that he had a bit of a thing for glitter! We ended up making these really simple cards by covering the card with glue, sticking some tissue shapes on and shaking some glitter over the top. Finished with a Santa sticker et voila- a Christmas card!

I had some big plans for our Christmas cards this year- we were going to make some super sleek and stylish cards; the type that looks Pinterest-worthy, despite a toddler’s involvement. However, now that Raffy’s done these, I couldn’t possibly not use them (especially as they’re mostly from him anyway!). Don’t get me wrong- they’re messy. This is just one of those proud mother moments when whatever your little cherub creates is a masterpiece.

Once we finished with the cards, I rolled out some blank paper on the floor, popped the remaining glitter and shapes on the floor with some paints, stripped the kids down and stood back and watched. They started carefully painting shapes on the paper; and progressed to painting their feet and dancing around together!



All of this kept the kids busy for at least two hours and it was amazing to watch. They were really creative and giving each other ideas, painting each other and having a proper laugh. We don’t do this kind of stuff anywhere near enough and it’s so easy!


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