Kids: Family Festival of Style

Last weekend, I took Raffs out of the Jojo Maman Bebe-clad, Surrey bubble to try something a little bit different. One of my favourite kids shops to cyber stalk, CissyWears had advertised an event in Shoreditch which encompassed all of my favourite things; food, shopping, crafty activities and of course, as all good parties should have, a UV rave, complete with professional raver (yes that is a profession).

We got the train up to Shoreditch and made the short walk to the aptly named Concrete, an industrial underground event space beneath a pizza restaurant. Inside were pop up shops by CissyWears, Love Frankie and a couple of other great independent purveyors of all things kid related. Included in the very reasonable entry price was face painting, nail art, and a little build your own sweetie necklace kit (a big hit for us).

Raffy loved the giant artwork that the kids were all taking part in- using coloured tissue and wet sponges to bleed colours into each other. I loved finally learning how to loom band after being taught by an incredibly smart eight year old, Matilda. I think Raffy had a bit of a crush on her (he loves an older girl) and tried to get her to dance, but she was having none of it, despite his best moves.

The UV rave started a little later on, and was brilliant. The kids were given whistles and white gloves and taught the five essential moves of a good rave (Raffy still occasionally has a milking the cow moment to the radio in the car). My favourite part (and Raff’s worst part) was when she popped glitter filled balloons over the kids, which looked amazing under the UV lights. Raffy was appalled that anyone would intentionally pop a balloon and had been, until that point, hatching a plan to sneak them out and take them home with him.

What stood out to me the most about this event was the mums. It was so refreshing to meet such lovely mums that have perfectly struck the balance between being hands on, involved mums, and retaining the sense of fun, style and adventure that most people seem to give up on becoming a parent.

The Family Festival of Style runs on the first Saturday of every month but due to its success, is due to expand next year to include birthday parties. Organised by MADLife, an event company specialising in stylish kids and family events, it’s fast becoming a hub for the coolest families in London.



Love Frankie


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