Kids: Little School

When things were starting to heat up a little bit with work, I signed Raffy up to a lovely little nursery nearby. It’s perfect- the children spend most of their time outside playing in the five different types of garden; one of which is home to a pair of chickens that run around with the kids. And best of all, the staff seem so on the ball. Quite unlike any of the nurseries I trained in as a student, this nursery has a completely different feel. And I love it.

The only problem with stumbling across such a little gem of a nursery is that they have a staggeringly long waiting list. I signed him up at the end of August and didn’t think he’d be in until the new year. Thankfully, we managed to jump the waiting list and get him in early- due to my desperation and ability to accept any sessions they could offer.

I’ve been a stay at home mum for two and a half years (apart from a couple of months in Dubai where I worked part time) and I’ve always found leaving Raffy with anyone but family a real struggle. It probably helps that this is the first time that I feel there’s any point to leaving him somewhere, and he’s also quite robust now, and can express himself well so now just feels like the right time.

I’m also surprised at the feeling of freedom I get when I drive away. Not in the sense that I can’t wait to get away, but it’s the knowing I can go and get on with work for a few hours and know that he’s looked after and entertained. It’s probably about time for him to start having some experiences without me, and he’ll certainly have more fun there than sat in my office.

So, off he went this week- not massively impressed at me leaving him there but brimming with excitement when I picked him up with so many stories to tell me about what he’d been doing. And the staff are refreshingly honest about how his day’s been, which I really value after his nursery in Dubai who would never say if he was upset or unwell. His new teachers seem so genuine and professional.

After such a glowing early review, let’s hope it all continues as well as it has begun!



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