Kids: Wisley Gardens

With the unseasonably good weather and the Wisley membership card the I had forgotten to give back to my friend, today was the perfect day to head to Wisley Gardens. I had Raffy’s friend, Annabelle for the morning too and my granny fancied a bit of fresh air so we all went together.
Wisley Gardens always put on some half term activities so we thought we give the ‘Repulsive Plants and Villainous Vegetables’ clue trail a go. The good thing about following the trail is that it took us to parts of Wisley that we have never noticed before and the kids loved looking out for the clue boards. The only problem we had is that the clues are just too far apart for little ones (aged 4 and 2), so it became a bit of a hassle towards the end. However, with the promise of a sticker as a reward, they kept on going!
We stopped mid way to have our picnic at the Wild at Wisley park which I absolutely love. There are animals carved into tree trunks that you can climb all over, an adventure playground and a teepee building area.


The kids spent ages running around, climbing and hanging off things and it’s amazing to see how much more imaginative they are when playing with such basic equipment. Luckily, the kids wanted lunch early, so by the time we got in there most people we’re heading to the cafe and it was a bit quieter, although was still pretty manic!



Wisley is definitely worth a visit and can be a very inexpensive day out with a RHS Membership (unlimited entry from £40.50 per year and free entry for under 5’s). Check online for the activities going on over half term to help plan your visit.
For more information, click here.


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