Kids: Why Potty Training is the Worst Thing Ever

Last week was horrible.

It was week one of potty training and it was hard. By day three, Raffy pretty much had the hang of it and was doing really well, but has now decided that he much prefers to pee on the carpet after all. He’ll sit on the potty for hours to no avail, then walk into the next room and redecorate. Great.

To be honest, that’s not even the hard part. The hard part is the fact that I have to do this on my own. This was the week where the single parent thing has hit me square in the face when I wasn’t expecting it. The fact that nobody’s coming home at the end of the day to listen to me complain to me about it, or to take over for the last hour of the day. That nobody’s going to wash the mounds of ‘accident’ clothes, while I have a glass of wine and put my feet up.

It’s amazing how you can muddle along and get on with things and just when it all starts going really well, something creeps up out of nowhere. And what makes it worse is that as a parent you just feel guilty. I feel like such a cow for being short with Raffy when he complains. Especially when I know he’s complaining because he’s been holding in a poo for three days and probably feels like he’s going to explode.

All the books say, ‘don’t make a big deal out of it when they have an accident’, ‘you don’t want it to become an issue’. How the hell are you meant to do that?! I’ve been chasing him around the house with a potty for three days and he pees behind the TV. And I’m meant to smile and say it’s ok? Maybe it’s easier to be patient when you don’t have carpets.

Surely, spending a week at home, mostly holed up in the downstairs loo is enough to make any mother go insane? It’s not his fault, he’s actually doing pretty well. It’s just the most tedious, annoying thing I’ve had to endure so far as a parent. I’m even becoming one of those mums who just talks about my kid’s bowel movements all day. As if there’s nothing more interesting going on.

Anyway, new week, new start. So obviously we’re back to nappies and life balance is restored. We’ll try again when he’s four….. maybe.



3 thoughts on “Kids: Why Potty Training is the Worst Thing Ever

  1. You’ve described every mother’s nightmare scenario brilliantly. It seems it’ll never happen, then all of a sudden it does – usually when you feel like giving up completely. We’ve all been there and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Keep at it – you’re honest, entertaining and informative. Get that column or book sorted!! xx

  2. Hi Katie, just stumbled across your blog and love it! This post made me smile and reminded me of my own efforts with my eldest son (now 3.5 yrs) – you’re totally right, it’s so much easier to be patient when you don’t have carpets! Boys are funny creatures and only seem to want to do something when they’re good and ready! After a few failed attempts in our house, Zach suddenly decided it was time and did it in 3 hours – I kid you not. It was a mixture of motherly pride and fighting the urge to scream, “I KNEW you could do it, you’ve been having me on all this time!”. I found Pirate Pete’s Potty (book on Amazon) worked really well so might be worth buying for the next attempt. But hey, they all get there in the end and it sounds like you’re doing a wonderful job. Suzanne x

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