Kids: Finally a Sunny Day, Outside for Messy Play

We’ve been going a little stir crazy this week at home. The weather’s been foul and Raffy’s had a nasty cold so we’ve watched a lot of movies! Today has been the first dry day that Raffy’s been up for going outside, so we thought we’d make it a little fun.

I came across this idea on Pinterest when I was planning party activities for Raffy and Stanley’s second birthday party, but never tried it until today. Raffy wanted to wash his cars, so I made him some soap foam and popped it in the garden.



Initially, he busied himself plopping his little cars into the foam, but then Wilma got a little over excited and started barking at him. Instinctively, he grabbed a handful of the foam and dolloped it straight onto the end of her nose.



Poor Wilma had no clue what was going on so started jumping around and rolling to try to get it off, much to Raffy’s amusement. Raffy then proceeded to chase her around the garden to coat her in as many bubbles as possible. Unfortunately, she’s much too fast for Raffy already, so he didn’t get very far!

Once they had both calmed down a little, they played nicely together for ages. Raffy was making it snow, and Wilma was trying to eat it. It’s all very heart warming to watch their friendship develop.


The recipe was adapted from Fun at Home with Kids, a great website full of good ideas for entertaining the little ones! The best thing about this activity is that it’s so quick to put together and needs no special ingredients or forward planning. Raffy loved sitting up on the work top and watching the bubbles grow in the bowl and choosing which colours to add. You can use the bubbles by themselves as a sensory activity or add other toys; cars, dinosaurs, kitchen equipment or fairies, whatever you like. As an added bonus, if you put it outside- no mess. We’ll definitely be doing this one again and get a bit more creative with the theme!


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