Life: Party People

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog this week as it’s been crazy. First of all, last week I became a Godmother to the gorgeous baby Wilf, little brother to the infamous Stanley. It was so lovely to spend the day up in Kent and meeting all of the friends and family of my favourite Dubai family. Raffy, as always, was absolutely made up to see his buddies again and had the best day on the bouncy castle and eating the icing off every cake he could get his hands on. It was incredibly cute.

The week that followed was busy with the usual toddler business and preparation for a family wedding on the Friday. I love a good family get together as we all live so far away from each other and everyone’s so busy that it usually takes a wedding for us to get us all in the same room. That being said, there are so many people that I wanted to talk to, I could do with another wedding.

I think this one will go down in my memories as one of my proudest parenting moments. Raffy was on incredible form. Not only did he look insanely gorgeous in his little blazer and converse, he was totally charming and well behaved. And then the DJ started and he. was. on. fire. He was dancing for hours.

The next morning, we were all up early baking scones for a surprise party in Newlands Corner. One of mum’s friends from our primary school was turning 60 and all of the mums got together and organised the most beautiful picnic overlooking the rolling hills of the Surrey countryside. There was a great spread of food and loads of people that I hadn’t seen for years and so lovely to see such a surprised birthday girl!

As exhausting as the last week has been, I have loved it. It’s amazing how quickly time flies and suddenly you haven’t seen people for years. And even better when you get to show off your favourite little person to a new audience!


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