Kids: A Father-Son First

I had a baldy baby. Some babies are born with luscious flowing locks, mine had only the faintest dusting of hair. Now he’s nearing two and a half and his hair has finally started coming in, forming lovely little curls at the top of his neck. Most of the time, however, the back of his resembles a birds nest, as he’s usually rolling around somewhere.

Neal has long been suggesting a hair cut but I’ve been feeling far too precious about my little boy, so wouldn’t allow it. However in the last 10 days, I’ve watched Raffy and Neal really bond with each other and with a few important social engagements coming up this month, we decided that it was time.

Although Neal has his head completely shaved all the time, having a barber shop hair cut is his favourite winding down activity (next to a cold beer) but specifically at Trim Ups on East Hill in Woking. Back when Neal and I were kids, Trim Ups was the barber shop closest to our school and we both remember the after school trips for haircuts there with our brothers. Since Neal moved back from living around the world, he resumed his trips to the barbers for a bit of pampering, so he was really excited to take Raffy along with him. I love the sense of nostalgia that I get when we do these things. It’s even better that both Neal and I both grew up in the same town so will have so many different memories of the same places.

While we were waiting, Raffy familiarised himself with the hair washing sinks, turning the taps on and soaking himself in the process. Off to a good start! Joe, the barber, suggested that Raffy went first so that he didn’t have to wait too long, so we watched him finish up with another client, then he sat on my lap in the chair. He was having none of it, and threw and almighty two year old tantrum, thrashing around like a mad man and screaming the whole time. What could have taken five minutes took (or at least felt like it took) an eternity, but Joe was totally calm and patient with him the whole time. When he finally finished, Raffy plopped into the next chair along and was handed a lolly which instantly cheered him up. Unfortunately with all of the commotion, we forgot to grab one of those lovely curls before they were swept up, so will have to make sure I remember to grab one next time.

I always remembered Joe being such a lovely guy, and he hasn’t changed at all. He has even been appointed as none other than Ashley Cole’s barber! He assured us that he has had far more challenging kids to work with and handed Raffy a comb on the way out so that he could practice brushing his hair before the next cut. Here’s hoping that Raffy remembers the lolly more than the hair cut and is a bit more patient next time!





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