Life: Someone Rather Special

I always think that the key to a really good present is the thought. So in the run up to my mum’s birthday I started keeping an ear out for things that she liked and wanted. The more I thought about her, the more important it became to find the perfect gift. And the more difficult. How do you find something that accurately reflects your feelings for your mum?

My mum is everything. She knows exactly when I need her to look after me, to give me space or give me a push in the right direction. She’s funny; both when she’s trying to be and when she’s not. She’s generous but by no means is she a push over. She’s beautiful and she’s caring. She can’t remember the words to any song but still sings them and she has a wicked sense of humour.

I have learnt all I know about being a mother from my mum. I remember her playing along with our silly games; pretending she couldn’t see us climbing up the chimney and even joining us in sliding down the stairs on a mattress. Always ready to join in and never stopping us from taking risks.

I love that she is absolutely unshockable so you can talk to her about anything, and can always get good advice. And I have needed a lot of advice.

Perhaps the biggest thing that I admire about my mum is her fierce loyalty and capacity to love unconditionally. She is the glue that bonds us all together and has taught us the importance of family.

I recent weeks both my mum and dad have saved me in so many ways and are helping me get back on my feet with the right amount of hand holding and tough love. They’ve provided a safety net for me that I’m unbelievably lucky to have been caught in.

I don’t think any gift would be able to portray my gratitude and appreciation (or at least one that I can afford!) so I’ve bought something pretty to make her smile and hope that she reads this.

Love you Mumma, happy birthday xxx



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