Kids: The Next Generation

Yesterday marked a milestone event for Raffy and my mum, as it was their first grandmother/grandson play date! An old friend of mums popped over with her grandson, little Harry, for a cup of tea and a play in the garden.


The funny thing is, little Harry’s Daddy and Raffy’s daddy used to be friends as children, as we all went to the same school (they were a bit older than me). The boys hit it off immediately. Harry is a clever little kid, and worked out very quickly how to get around Raffy’s sharing issues. Step one; find something to play with and wait for Raffy to take it away. Step two; pick up his box of cars. Step three; resume playing with whatever he likes, undisturbed.

They had a nice little tea all together and then out to play in the garden.



It’s lovely to see my mum finally get to do some grandparenting, and lovely to see the third generation of our three families play together.


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