Kids: A Little Walk Down Memory Lane

The best thing about Raffy being two is that he’s so easily entertained. This morning we went for a walk down the road from the house towards my first school which is now a church. On the way, he happily pointed out the colours of the cars (some of them even correctly) and peeked into bushes for bugs and bees.

We turned down the road by my old school to find that there were roadworks and diggers. We walked slowly down the road looking into the diggers cabins and at the size of their wheels, talking about how they make the road. We walked by houses that I played in as a child and all the memories of walking to school with my brothers came flooding back. I noticed that the little house at the end still has all the old train signs on the front garden and the familiarity of it made me smile.


Raffy is still too young to understand the stories, but I look forward to the day that he does. For now, his interest in all things mechanical gives us enough things to talk about. It’s so inspiring to watch the sheer enjoyment in something so every day to me. They way he stares wide-eyed and wants to get as close as possible. Experiencing this with him gives me the opportunity to feel that excitement again, the way you feel watching the kids rip open presents on Christmas morning.

I love that the best part of my day was walking to the end of the road. It’s so easy not to pay attention to the little things that are so important, and I could have quite easily turned the TV on and not gone out for a walk. And I’m so glad I didn’t. I’m sure that all too soon Raffy will be off playing football with his friends and won’t want to wander around with me, so I’m determined to make the most of this while I can.



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