Kids: Best Friends and Tractors at Godstone Farm

This morning, I bundled a very excited boy into the car and headed for the M25. The day that Raffy and Stanley would be reunited was finally here.

Raffy loves other kids, but Stanley has always been special (which is a bonus, as his mum is pretty cool too), so in Dubai we would hang out. A lot. We spent our last play date in Dubai plotting our first one in the UK, and we picked Godstone Farm for its perfectly central position between our two houses.

We arrived a few minutes after the 10am opening time and already had to park half way up a hill, and it’s not even state-school holidays yet. However, the queue to the ticket booth moved quickly and we were straight in. The farm is very sweet and child friendly despite the millions of slightly scary warning signs about washing hands (they had a problem a few years ago so are being extra careful now). We started with the farm trail; a path between fields of cows, donkeys and pigs that the boys loved.



We then stumbled across a series of chicken pens which, surprisingly, excited the boys far more than the bigger animals! Stanley was showcasing his mean chicken dance and Raffy was the daredevil, tempting the chickens with his wiggly little fingers.



Ready for a caffeine fix, we headed into the play barn; a two storey soft play area in a giant barn with cafe and sat and had a (surprisingly good for a press-of-a-button-type machine) coffee while the boys chased each other around. It’s funny seeing them climbing together, as Stanley is so adventurous and has great gross motor control which makes poor Raffy look so careful and clumsy!

After a good climbing session, 20 minutes driving cars and a lap of the Dino Trail, we were ready for refreshments so headed over to the tea room. This was the part that really let it down for me. The till service was so slow that there was a queue out of the door and we had to fight to get to the tiny fridge which stocked the slightly pathetic selection of kids food. On the plus side, there was ample seating both indoors and out so it was no trouble finding a shady spot to sit and have our lunch.


We left after lunch as the boys were getting ratty but we missed out quite a lot of the farm so we will have to do a return journey. They also run feeding and handling sessions which I think Raffy would like, but next time we would definitely bring a picnic!

More information about the times and prices here.

For now, we need to think up some more spots to meet in the next few weeks before they leave to head back to Dubai in September! Raffy needs to make the most of this



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