Living: The Medicine Garden, Cobham

One of the first things that I wanted to do on my return to my old stomping ground was to head out to one of my favourite local spots, the Medicine Garden. This incredibly beautiful and relaxing walled garden plays host to a number of small local businesses and cafés and I could spend endless hours wandering around the shops and laying on the grass there.

This time I was meeting some friends, who came bearing gifts in the form of a giant car transporter and four new cars. We had one very happy boy!



We all went through to the Hothouse Cafe for lunch; bacon wrapped sausage sandwiches in ciabatta with salad and lots of coffee (some of us were a little jaded from the night before).

After lunch, we treated ourselves to a delicious waffle cone ice cream from the Garden Pod and played frisbee in the garden. All of the guys were very good at letting Raffy play with them, especially considering he had just nosedived into a chocolate ice cream cone! While all of this was going on, I jumped at the opportunity to sit and watch from the comfort of one of their double width deck chairs. Absolute bliss!




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