Kids: Getting Stuck In

It’s all systems go in our family at the moment. Lots of big reveals to come and lots of prepping for them going on at the moment!

My parents have just bought some land at the back of their house to extend the garden, so this weekend we spent some time cutting down trees, digging out weeds and stacking logs. One would think that a two year old would be quite in the way in such circumstances but actually, Raffy was incredibly good.

We also moved a few wheelbarrows full of compost to another spot in the garden and saw some giant worms and a host of other creepy crawlies. Having been in Dubai for the last year, Raffy hasn’t had much experience with bugs, so he was transfixed! Although he was a lot less impressed when a scoopful of compost flicked up and showered his head; and even though mum and I laughed he failed to see the funny side.


When it came it stacking the logs, I was amazed that he could lift such heavy ones (thanks to his awesome squatting technique). But mostly he liked to direct us to the next one that needed stacking.



After all that hard work, he enjoyed a nice rest in a shady spot by the pond with a big glass of water.


And just when he thought it was all over, we had day two on Sunday! This time it was even more exciting as both Uncle Jim and Uncle Harry were loading the branches into Jim’s van, and Papa was building a shelf in my mum’s office! Obviously, Raffy had a little go with some power tools…… All in the name of education!



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