Living: Dubai Mall Indulgence

So today’s plan was to focus on Raffy. And boy did I deliver! I took him to the Petit Palais (Galleries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall) which incidentally, I had been avoiding due to a friends bad experience there (and the extortionate price tag). But due to the crazy temperature here and our quest to do something new, this is all I could come up with!

As we arrived, I was sure to check that it wasn’t too busy and they weren’t expecting a truck load of sugar hyped five-year-olds any time soon, as per my friend’s misfortune. Once I had been sufficiently convinced that it was safe to enter, off we went. From the second we walked in, Rafferty was transfixed. He couldn’t decide what to do, and with cross eyed excitement, he tried his level best to keep hold of everything that he touched.

First, it was the shopping trolley. We loaded and reloaded it with various fruits and baked goods, then we tried to stuff a few into the cash register as payment for the rest. Then we found the house with the most beautiful play kitchen where we stopped for a bite to eat. We drove cars, sang karaoke (Gangnam Style, of course) and shopped over and over. He was in heaven.

There were a couple of other kids in there at 10am when we arrived and there were only about five in total when we left two hours later, but I can see how manic it would be with a party going on, especially if your kid is younger than the rest.

At 12pm, we walked over to The Cheesecake Factory by Dubai Aquarium and had lunch together. We had a mini booth and sat on opposite sides, shared a chicken tostada salad, which I’m pretty sure is the only thing I’ve ever ordered in there (if it ain’t broke…..), followed by an Oreo cheesecake. We were so stuffed that we couldn’t finish it so we brought it home for Neal.

Immediately upon leaving the restaurant, Raffy fell into a deep sleep which gave me two and a half blissful hours of shopping for myself before he woke up and we got a cab home.

Both of us are exhausted and feeling very spoiled after such a lovely day together. We definitely will do this more often, just maybe not so extravagantly!!






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