Living: Ice Cream Throwbacks

Neal’s new work schedule means that he is home a couple of afternoons a week, which is great, although it left us with the unfamiliar problem of deciding what to do. The most obvious solution was window shopping and ice cream, so we headed out to the Marina Mall.

Amazingly, Raffy was in a great mood for shopping and spent a good 20 minutes walking around the Diesel store commenting on which mannequins he thought looked ‘nice’. This allowed me to have a good look around at their current collection. I haven’t always been a fan of Diesel, but I have to say, their last couple of collections have been awesome. If only I had the disposable income to acquire a few more pieces…..

Once we had exhausted Rafferty’s patience, we headed downstairs to Gelatino Divino on the promenade level and was amazed to see that they had my all time favourite flavour, Ferrero Rocher.

Ferrero Rocher ice cream is the ultimate symbol of my childhood summers spent in Spain. My Grandad lived in Fuengirola on the Costa Del Sol and we’d head out to him for a couple of weeks every year. Tucked away in a back street of the town centre, there was an amazing ice cream shop; a little window in the wall filled with homemade waffle cones and gelato. It was opposite a beautiful church in the town square and as I remember, a pretty good little tapas bar. The ice cream tasted exactly of Ferrero Rocher and was topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. If you were lucky you’d get your scoops from the top.

You can imagine my excitement when I spotted this in the Marina Mall, so of course I had a scoop. Neal chose a Ferrero/pistachio combo. Raffy managed to get hold of a handful of spoons and sampled the lot! We sat together watching the world go by, trying to slow Raffy down in his double-spooned attack as I told both Raffy and Neal some of the stories of my summers in Spain. It’s amazing the things that trigger your memories. We’ve vowed to take a trip there soon, and of course our first port of call will be that ice cream shop (if it’s still there!).

Rafferty's double spooned attack.

Rafferty’s double spooned attack.


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