Kids: Long Weekends

I have always loved weekends. The idea of two days of endless opportunity, more often than not wasted in bed has always had me counting down from Monday. Lately, however, it’s been the opposite. The weekends are now my least favourite part of the week. All of my friends are busy sharing their parenting duties with their husbands, the malls are busy, as are the soft play centres, the restaurants and the cafes. And in addition to that, it’s now too hot to go outside.

Now the countdown to Sunday starts on Thursday evening, when I compile a list (or Pinterest board) of as many indoor activities as possible to get us through the weekend. Friday morning starts at 6am as does any other day, and after a rushed breakfast, and an obligatory 20 minutes sat in his castle, we throw on some shorts and head down to the park to blow off a little steam before it gets too hot.  Then by 9am, we’re back inside and getting to work on keeping him occupied.

This morning, we went for painting first. With Rafferty and painting, big is always better. For this very reason, I have stockpiled some large pieces of cardboard from our last IKEA shipment. When given the option, he always chooses black paint (I think he likes the drama) and today, actually made a pretty impressive effort. I painted around the edges to make a frame and we were both quite pleased with the outcome.


Then we did some role play kitchen. Rafferty makes endless cups of tea, soup and sandwiches, which I excitedly gobble down, much to his delight.


Next was cars. One of the genius ideas found on Pinterest was to make a masking tape road on the floor, so this was what we did. Complete with a bus stop, car garage and building block roundabout memorial statue, I was sure that this would entertain him for hours. Initially he was very in to it, but once he had rearranged the village, caused a tragic bus accident mowing down the people of the town and the memorial statue and got frustrated with one car enough to throw it across the room, he was back to driving his cars around the edge of the sofa as he normally does.


I kept the road in situ in case of a second wind in the afternoon but no such luck. This activity is maybe a little old for him so I’l revisit it again in a few months and for now, hope that the tape doesn’t leave marks on the floor….

As much as I cherish the time that we spend together and feel insanely lucky to have so much time to spend together, I’m looking forward to the end to this weekend arrangement! Two days alone with a toddler and no adult interaction is exhausting.


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