Kids: 6 of our Favourite iPad Apps

Most of us will be traveling somewhere this summer with young children, and entertaining a toddler confined to a seat for 7 hours is no easy task. So far (touch wood and cross everything), I have had mostly easy flights with Rafferty and I put that down to the genius invention known as the iPad.

Here’s a selection of our favourite apps – also known as our in-flight (or in restaurant/shower/need of five minutes to myself) survival pack. And there’s something for every mood; educational, arty, play alone, play with mummy/sibling. Mix these in with a few pre-downloaded episodes of your child’s favourite TV show or a movie and you’re good to go!



Squiggles by Lazoo (free)

This totally cute app brings your squiggles to life! With a selection of cute themes to squiggle on, or the option of uploading your own backgrounds, this will keep a toddler busy for ages. This is absolutely the best free app I’ve come across in a long time.





Sorting 1 by Tiny Hands (free trial version, full version £2.99)

Aimed at children 2 and above, this fun and educational game teaches children to sort and classify different objects by shape colour and type. With different themes and tasks, this app is very easy to operate for little people. For younger children, this app may need a little adult interaction to understand the concepts.



Toca Kitchen, Toca Boca (free)

This game is great for ages 2-7. You choose your monster, choose some food, decide how you’re going to prepare it, then see how the monster likes it! The monster grunts, burps smiles and spits out your food depending on what he thinks. Raffy tries to make everything as disgusting as possible because he loves the faces that the monster pulls.




Animatch, by Lima Sky (£0.99)

This is one of the first kids apps that I ever bought and probably the most used. With the cute animal faces and corresponding sounds, this memory matching game is hard to beat!


Towers, by Tiny Hands (trial version free, full version £1.99)

This lovely bight educational app teaches children to order items by size with varying difficulty levels. This is a personal favourite of ours and has inspired an obsession with building towers with real life materials al over the place! When we first played, I helped a little, but now he will happily sit and play alone. I especially love the balloons that appear when you complete the tower. Very cute.


Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer, by Sago Sago (free at the moment)

This great little app is a magical land under the sea with lots of places to explore and hidden things to find. It works on both iPhone and iPad but it’s easier to control on the bigger screen. What I love about this app is that you never seem to run out of new things to find, and it’s so easy to control that there’s no getting cross when it doesn’t go the right way!

Sago Sago also have some other great toddler games- we love Forest Flyer and Sago Mini Pet Cafe (both £1.99)


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