Shopping: Toddler Beds


Toddler beds are not for everyone, but how do you know if they are for your toddler? My two year old is a very compliant and happy child, but is very active and curious at the same time (and more so when he’s tired). I have visions of gently laying my sleepy little man down in a big boys bed, turning the lights out and leaving him to happily chat himself to sleep in five minutes or less, allowing me to go and allow myself that much needed glass of wine in the bath. Realistically, I have about a two per cent chance of this happening.

Rafferty is a pretty good sleeper, very rarely wakes up once asleep and takes a solid 11 hours a night, supplemented by a two hour cat nap after nursery. However, I’m sure the novelty of knowing that he can just get up and go…

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