Living: Picnic


Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending a special little man’s 2nd birthday picnic in the new JLT park. His actual birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but the party was held back to include family that are visiting this week. Catered by Lime Tree Cafe, there was a delicious spread of salads, wraps and cakes all on picnic blankets with animal party masks and apple juice – two year old heaven. And I must say, a rather fantastic way to spend Food Revolution Day.

One of the things that I have loved the most about living in Dubai is being fast tracked into people’s social inner circle, where you are able to depend on people you’ve know for a matter of weeks (and sometimes never even met) in a way that you would normally depend on people you have known for years.

At this picnic were family, old friends from before children, new friends with children and friends of those friends that were new to everyone. All sat together on a rug, sharing food. There was such variety of people from different places, India, England, America and all of the children a beautiful blend of the cultures that they are from and are living in. It’s times like these that make me really thankful to be living in Dubai and to have met such a bunch of quirky and interesting people that make this expat-bubble such a laugh.


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