Living: Birthday Dinner

For my birthday over the weekend, I was whisked away on a surprise date night, organised in it’s entirety by Neal, probably the least organised man I know. To be honest, I wasn’t sure he’d remember to book a babysitter. Never have I been so pleased to be proved wrong! Neal had organised our friends to babysit, booked a table at a restaurant we’d never tried before overlooking the fountains by the Burj Khalifa and made a plan for some post dinner drinks. How is it that someone who is so allergic to any kind of organisation can pull out all of the stops and plan such a perfect evening?!

The restaurant was the Karma Cafe in the Souk Al Bahar. When we walked in, I was a little unsure about the restaurant; it reminded me of a scene from Only God Forgives with the red lighting and dark interior, almost brothel looking. We were greeted by a beautiful lady in a very short skirt who showed us to the bar. I ordered a Smokey Margarita, and was amazed to watch them making it using glass jars, tubes and a blow torch. 

The fountain show started shortly after taking our seats outside and, having never seen it at night before, couldn’t believe how many people were there to see it. Outside the music was loud and very upbeat- giving more of an eating-in-a-nightclub feel than a nice restaurant feel. We ordered crispy duck rolls, Japanese scallops, teriyaki tenderloin steak and sea bass with duck. The food was incredible, although very spicy. 

The icing on the cake was the dessert that said ‘Happy 27th Katie’ that Neal had pre-ordered. A melt in the middle chocolate cake  with fresh berries. Feeling nicely satisfied, we walked over to Calabar at the Address Hotel for a last drink on the terrace before heading home. 







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