Living: Sunset Brunch

Feeling a little hazy this morning as a result of a great evening out at the Pure Sky Lounge at the Hilton JBR. Having visited once before in January, this place was number one on our list take take our friends to on their visit this week.

Set up on the roof terrace on the 35th floor, with panoramic views of the beach and the marina, this sunset brunch is guaranteed to impress. Aside from the cool location and stunning views of the sunset over the sea, the non-stop flow of incredible food and punchy cocktails are what really does it for me. Our table was situated right beside the outdoor barbecue kitchen so we could watch our wyagu beef charred before our eyes (and noses!).

And just when we thought we couldn’t eat another bite, our lovely waitresses deposited four desserts in front of each of us! The best of which, we all agreed, was the pistachio creme brûlée. So much so that we ordered another round!

When we were done, we finished our drinks over at the bar on the other side of the building, then took a moonlit stroll along the beach, narrowly missing a family of sleeping camels, before taking our food-babies in a cab home. All in all, a perfect evening with the loveliest of company!

Pure Sky Lounge, Hilton JBR


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